Fairs and Exhibitions

We at Triune, is a full service event organiser. We have experience in organizing fairs and exhibitions for a diverse range of industries.

Our comprehensive suite of fairs and exhibitions services can be tailored to the individual needs of your business giving you the peace of mind to choose the solution which is the most appropriate for you.

Our Fairs and Exhibitions services involves providing the following logistical and operational support:


  • Pre-show planning and assistance with necessary documentation. Direct pickup of your exhibition shipment from and to the desired location through our partner organisations.
  • Shipping services to and from the fair via air, ocean or truck in coordination with our partners.
  • Easy digitalized online or emailed invoices and shipping documents.
  • Foreign and Bangladeshi customs clearance.
  • Arrange direct delivery of your shipment to your stand. Our on-site partners are accountable for timely delivery to your stand.
  • Storage of your empty crates/packaging during the fair. Our on-site partners pickup your empties and hold them in their own storage during the show
  • Storage and daily delivery of excess brochures and giveaways during the Fair to your stand.
  • Prompt delivery of your packing materials back to your stand at the close of the fair.
  • Return transportation to your facility, another trade fair, or destination of your choice, including customs clearance.
  • Assistance with equipment and rental requirements on site.